Saturday, August 15, 2009


Dear Piggy,
The following is an excerpt from my journal dated April 10, 2007 (Just warning, my writing resembles somebody who has ADD... Or you just make me really excited...):
THE OTHER DAY I SLEPT OVER AT JANCY'S HOUSE. FUN TIMEESS. HAHA, JONES && CHEESECAKE. And spilling root beer all over my cam && phone..NOT FUN. Arghhh.. At least nothing DIED. Except for Jancy's homework. OH GEEZ. We watched part of The Prestige.. AND THEM BOOM. THE LIGHTS WENT OUT. Me && Jancy were like, OMGGGGGGGGGG. RIGHT AT AN INTENSE PART.. Woww... And then we took pictures underneath the blankets. HAHAHAHAHA, SHE'S SO FUNNY. Then we spent the rest of the night talking about the same thinggs as usuall. Slept at likee, 5.LMFAO. I slept on Jancy's butt. Woke uppp @ 10 && showered && stuff. OMGHAHAHAROFLMFAO. JANCY CAME OUT OF THE SHOWER AND.... OH DEEAAARRR ! Ate breakfastt. Ermms... Lunch. PIZZA POPS! THEN MADE PRETZELLLS.YUMMYYY! Omigoshhh... I stabbed myself...T______________T Then ran around outside like taking random pictures in the sun && dumping Jones into the grass. Doing FAKE cartwheels && sunbathing. HAHA. LMFAO, GOING SWIMMINGG IN HER "POOL." Hahahaa. && our chalk drawing on the side walkkk. =] AND JUMPING PICCS. Omg, took us so long to get THAT ONE JUMPING PIC. That's what you get for using TIMER. Then ate spaghetti dinner. OMG. JANCY'S GRANDMA IS SO MEAN! "What did you eat? Why are you fat?" Wahhh.. "Yenno... How come every sleepover, we talk about the same things over and over again? About the same people. And the same cute guys. And we take the same pictures. And Jancy does something retarded... "I can't believe you're not sick of me!" "I know!" Likee, every vacation we have like, a sleepover. Talking about the same things. And doing the same things. And we never finish watching movies. And how come we have this same conversation about we have the same conversations every sleepover?" HAHA.

This is basically the epitome of us in a nutshell....... I WAS SUCH AN LG, BAHA! This past year, it feels like our friendship has taken a brief haitus. Our 5 minute catch-ups on each others lives had no comparison to our usual staying-up-till-5-in-the-mornings. Everytime we talked, it would be, "I haven't talked to you for soooo long! Sleepover soon?" One month later...... Same thing. I'm glad to have you back in my life these days. :) I think I've really missed that feeling where something would happen to me, and I would say to myself, "I'm gonna tell Jancy about this later." I didn't really realized how much I missed talking to you about the things that we always talk about. I've never told you how glad I am that I can actually tell you everything (If you were actually secretly evil and wanted to take advantedge of me, my life would be GG.) and how glad that we usually see things eye-to-eye. It's not even just secrets and "Omg so I saw this cute boy today..." It's about things that really matter. It's things that we've given some serious thought. It's because we've seen each other make "the worst mistakes of our lives," embarass ourselves so much that we want to go die, and do things that we're really not proud of. Seeing past all that stuff, that's real love right there. Seeing our flaws and realizing that we have to fix them together, that's real honesty right there. I was just telling Lemuel how I'm so happy I told you about trainone 'cause there's always girl things that I can't talk to Jeff and Lem about. I mean, there's only so much they want to hear... HAHA! One thing I know I always neglect to tell you is how proud I am of you. It's not always easy to make the decisions that you choose to make. It's not easy to always withhold what you believe is important. I feel like you're always the person to set me straight. Like when I'm questioning something, you let me know where my priorities should be laying. I love you for that, especially because most of the time, you don't even know what you're doing. I also love you 'cause you're one of the few people that I can ever come up with good disses for.... And also 'cause you're just so open to me emotionally, mentally, and unfortunately... physically. HAHAHA! It just goes to show that we can always pick up where we left off, and that some things never change. <3
PS - It's 2:51 AM right now and I have to get up early. GG.
PPS - I have said GG twice in this blog. Well, three now. This goes to show I need to spend less time with Josh and more time with you.

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jsizzle said...

(Just warning, my writing resembles somebody who has ADD... Or you just make me really excited...):


What are you talking about? I always know what I'm doing.. =P

I <3 you. I'll blog about you tonight.