Sunday, August 16, 2009


This is the part where I get real antsy. I'm not usually a drama queen. I'm pretty good with not freaking out until I get to that point where I have to sit there and wait. I hate waiting rooms with every fibre of my being. All that tension puts me in automatic panic mode. My dad has learned the hard way NOT to talk to me while I'm in that mode. I get in this state of hysteria where I just can't talk people without making them feel like a nutcase as well. The only way to calm me down is, honestly, video games. They help me take my mind off things, especially word games. They're my favourite when I get nervous. People around me start thinking I'm going crazy. While all the other kids are reviewing their music, I sit there hunched over my dad's iTouch mumbling to myself how many different words I can spell with the lettters RZALDZEF. Maybe I am secretly psycho, like Jeff always tries to convince me. But anyways, it's all no big deal. I just hafta get through my Bach piece, aka 6 pages of memorized hell in music note font size 3, and I'm good to go. Nooooooo biggie. I've heard about people literally going mental from trying to disect Bach's work. That guy is a genius. They say there's a thin line between genius and crazy... Crazy? I was crazy once. They stuck me in a- just kidding.
The one thing I have to learn is how to not be so vocal about my mistakes. Right now, I can think up of at least 10 situations off the top of my head where the examiner's going to feel obligated to ask me, "Excuse me miss... Are you alright?" Picture this:
Examiner: Dominant 7 chord of B+
Me: OH NO!
Examiner: ......
Or this:

Examiner: Please clap this rhythm for me.
Me: *clap* .... Wait, that was a practice clap. Just checking of my hands are... working. *clapclap* Yupp, they seem just fine to me. Now shall we continue?
Examiner: .....

I don't know about you, but I think that would be pretty typical of me. I'm just looking forward to the moment I step out of that exam room and feel all the release of stress that's been pounding at my brain for the past two years. This is the last stretch. After this, it's the official start of my summer. Just thinking about it makes me want to jump and click my heels twice like a leprechaun. It's pretty hard to do. I've tried.
Wish me luck. On my piano exam I mean, not the heel-clicking.


Christopher. said...

Good luck on your piano exam or whatever.

synsia said...

luv u ! :) i know u'll be long as theres games :)