Monday, April 25, 2011


I met Sarah a year ago at a fundraiser for Haiti, and although I only spoke to her briefly, she was brave enough to message me last week to see if I wanted to have breakfast.. and to admit that she creeps my blog (HAHA, which I am very okay with). I admire her boldness in her faith so much and how she just brings up God so nonchalantly in conversations. I think she has a gift for recognizing God's voice in everything, and I was so blessed by her genuine honesty. It gives me motivation to obey God, even if it seems absolutely ridiculous or way beyond my comfort zone.
After Sarah and I realized we probably should have met in Burnaby (oh the joys of being almost strangers), we talked about our lives, the basics and where we're at with God. She offered me encouragement as a fellow Christian to talk about God more in order to grow. That's something I've always had trouble with because, like a lot of people, I don't want to make others feel uncomfortable or face some dreaded awkwardness. But there we were, barely friends and talking about what we stand for and how crazy good God is, when usually those conversations are reserved for people I've known for years. It was a much-needed reminder that even though I do want a personal relationship with God, I can't let it get so exclusive that I forget that other people need Jesus too.
She gave me a lot to reflect on during the bus ride home, saying how God wants to be in the hidden places of our hearts. She said something really cute (actually, she's just really cute in general) about how God's a gentleman, and although He'll never, ever stop pursuing us, He'll also never break into that place because He knows how fragile it is. We need to let Him in, and it'll be beyond wonderful.
Anyways, Sarah, 'cause I know you'll be reading this, I hope you know that I'll be praying for you to keep on creeping, and we should definitely hang out again.. in Burnaby. :)

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