Sunday, September 11, 2011


Adjusting to university hasn't been so bad. Maybe it's all my high school fantasies of good-looking college boys (honestly though, I see more attractive girls than guys while walking between classes), 200-student lecture halls and bustling campus life that have prepared me all too well for this transition. Although it's a new chapter in my life, there's never anything too unfamiliar since at the end of the day, I still come home. I have older cousins to call when I'm lost, physically and emotionally, commuting is old news (just that my yellow school bus has become the 99 B-Line), and I'm somehow lucky enough to be going to school with my two best friends and a handful of church kids.
With that being said, the fact that I always seem to have someone to have lunch with keeps me from pushing myself and meeting new people (although I should be getting on that since as soon as the cold season hits, so do the colds, and I'm going to need help playing catch-up). Sometimes I let my self-consciousness take over. Sometimes I don't want to be charming. Sometimes I want to fall asleep in class (yeah, already), pack up and leave without getting the name of the person sitting beside me. It's too easy.
I'm almost afraid that once school actually picks up and my work load grows, my motive to try new things and get involved will disappear, and I'll spend all my time on what's comfortable. One of the downsides to staying in town for college is that I'm not forced to be independent and take initiative.
But for now, I'll try not to anticipate apathy. I will let my light shine as bright as I can, look forward to introductions and as Ralph puts it, not "let my smile disappear." University will be filled with many wonderful things.

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