Monday, October 03, 2011


^Why was 6 afraid of 7?

... Anyways.
I always overestimate how much time I have.
What everyone says about university is really starting to hit me.
It's not longer, "Omg, that 89 could have been a 90."
It's more like, "OMG I PASSED!!"
Time to hit the books.

At least I have something wonderful to look forward to after my week of hell.
(Jk. Maybe not hell. I'm just being a drama queen.)

Things I Like:

I've recently been spending a lot of time looking at printed notecards and designer paper. I mean, I would never buy them because they're way too pretty to use (the thought of me ruining somebody else's art just doesn't fly), but I love how creative people can be even if it's just a piece of paper.
Love and Reason designs simple but adorable note cards and sells them at their Etsy shop.
I need to spend less time on Etsy. Online shopping will probably kill me.

Also, my two current favourite albums:

Time Without Consequence by Alexi Murdoch

And 3 Rounds and a Sound by Blind Pilot.

... And yes, I, too, am questioning how I have time for this.
The truth is, I don't.

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