Monday, October 24, 2011


Things I want to be doing:
- Finish that book I've been reading for the past few months
- Get back into photography
- Write more
- Pick up my guitar for once
- Organize and put new songs on my iPod
- Listen to music
- Learn to cook
- Decorate my room
- Develop pictures and put together a photo album
- Drink tea by the fireplace
- Watch movies
- Write letters
- Sing
- Eat healthier
- Walk my dog
- Start running again
- Do some QT

Things I should be doing:
- Clean my room
- Work on my Archaeology paper
- Do my Archaeology readings
- Write my English paper
- Write Commerce blogs
- Get my group together to work on our Commerce project
- Do Commerce readings
- Think about Visual Arts project
- Study for Economics midterm
- Do Economics readings
- Do Economics online quiz
- Actually attend Economics lectures
- Fill out passport forms
- Help out more around the house
- Write my next piece for the Ubyssey

Things I actually am doing:
- Checking Facebook
- Tweeting
- Skyping
- Browsing blogs
- Window shopping online
- Refreshing my email
- Watching youtube videos
- Texting
- Looking through old pictures
- Staring blankly into space