Saturday, November 05, 2011


We're young and we're stupid.
Everything is the end of the world and every day is the best day of our lives.
It's hard not to lose perspective and it's easy to believe every little thing matters more than it should.
We stay up all night, cry over our firsts and tell ourselves that the moment is unchangeable.
Possibilities are endless, dreams are what keeps us going, and then there's 'the only one for us.' Nothing else will do.
But we all do this. Even when it feels like we're the only ones. We all love and we all hurt. We're all prideful and we all ask for more. We all do dumb shit, and we all fall too hard.
We're young and we're stupid, but I think it's okay. I'm in no rush.

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chestnutmocha said...

so true. But we need to remember it :-)