Thursday, November 17, 2011


3 Minutes in my Mind (I got this idea from Sharon Lo's blog. Her blog is as quirky and humorous as she is, and I love hearing about her kids!)

- I love my Toms, but they're useless when the rain decides to go torrential. I mean, my feet have been cold for the past 4 hours.
- I should check the weather more often.
- A bubble bath would be nice.
- So would shopping.
- I wonder if I have any Facebook notifications.
- Nope.
- I would like it if the next pitch list gets sent out when it's supposed to.. and not at 3 at night when all the keeners snag the good stories while I'm sleeping..
- Fricking keeners. I'm probably a better writer than all of them.
- Jk. They're probably all really good.
- Oh god that was embarrassing when everyone realized that I'm the only person in the Culture section that is underaged... There's such a thing as wet/dry bars okay??
- I'm hungry.
- Karen always used to tell me that I'm not actually hungry, I just want to eat.
- I just want to eat.
- A coffee would be nice since I'm not sleeping soon.
- Why am I not sleeping soon?
- Oh, 'cause I'm waiting for Caleb to finish his essay.
- Why is he taking so long? He shouldn't have napped.
- I should nap while I wait.
- On second thought, if I nap, I probably won't wake up.
- My phone just went off. It's too far away to get.
- I was really hoping I could sleep early since I worked so hard today. I finished half of my term paper and it's not due till next week!
- I'm going to fall behind on schoolwork anyways aren't I...?
- Frick, exams are coming up soon.
- FRICK I have so many assignments too.
- Why does Comm101 exist? It makes people want to throw themselves off a roof.
- I'm going to flunk out of Sauder.
- Like actually.
- I've had this conversation multiple times.
- I should check my phone.
- Oh, it was just Ralph.
- I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.
- I should check the weather.
- My thoughts just went in a full circle.

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sharon said...

love it! it's quite amusing if you actually do this 3 minute thing - cause you either find out how intelligent, or ridiculous your thoughts are. mine, unfortunately, are the latter. keep up the great posts!