Monday, February 20, 2012


This weekend, I kicked off my Reading Break (which is DEFINITELY going to be dedicated to studying) by heading up to Manning Park with the IVCF to hit the slopes and meet some excellent people. The weather was ridiculously perfect for boarding, and I was so down to chill with my boy, my best and some new friends.
I wasn't really expecting it (although I should have known better), but God did that thing where He told me to listen up, so now I'm back home, with sore muscles and a handful of challenges to think about.
A big one is that I never set apart quiet time anymore. I know it, and I avoid thinking about it. I think I actually fill my life with more noise just to keep myself from thinking about it. The truth is, it doesn't work that way. I can't ask God to work in my life if I only give Him a set 10 minutes a day or that leftover time between the moment my head hits the pillow and the moment I fall asleep. He asks for more than that. And time spent in solitude is important, especially when it's so rare these days.
Also, during the trip, a friend of mine also challenged me about planning out my summer. It's my first summer in Vancouver in a really long time, and there's so much I can do. There's the prospects of an internship, getting my first job, maybe taking a summer course to get ahead, and hanging out with people. And I'm not entirely sure what I want to do, but I know that I haven't asked God yet what He wants me to do. I'm so used to planning things my way, when I should be keeping an open heart and mind to what His plans are for me.
Anyways, those are just a few tidbits from my weekend for me to reflect on this break.
Here's some pictures to end off this post of how fricking ridiculously beautiful the Manning Park mountains are.

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