Sunday, March 18, 2012


For my English paper, I have to write a poem in the style of a poet we studied, and then critique it/analyse it/etc...
So I wrote my poem a while ago, which I considered to be "starting my essay," and then realized tonight, the night before my essay is due, that I have done nothing else. Darn this mind of mine convincing me that I was almost done when I only had one page...
Anyway, here is my poem. Please don't laugh because I'm sensitive to this sort of thing.
And now I'm going to try to finish before midnight so I can get some decent sleep.


When in Taiwan, always carry an umbrella
because the rain will take you by surprise.
There will be hot summer mornings, and then
torrential rain-pour.
If you get stuck,
there are umbrella shops at every corner
with every color imaginable:
aqua blue, magenta, polka dots.
Take your pick.

No one needs to tell you
to carry an umbrella in Vancouver
because never-ending gray skies
can be seen from every street corner.
Umbrella: a collapsible place to keep dry
in the wet city.
Rain boots are the latest fashion trend
and black umbrellas too.

Always carry an extra umbrella,
because they are easily broken,
flipped inside out, and tangled.
No one goes to the beach on
a rainy day, so we were alone.
The taller person
always holds it.
His fingers wrapped around the handle and
when it fell apart,
he wrapped them around my hand instead.

In my home, we have
an umbrella drawer.
My mother would never let me leave
without opening it and saying,
“Take your pick”
for protection, to ward off sickness.
I never had to buy an umbrella
until I left home.
She would always have one
to protect me from the rain
when she could not.

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