Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So I was supposed to be studying today, and I put on Owen Pallett's EP, Export*, as study music... And obviously I should have known better, because it's impossible for me to study with music on. Instead, I ended up watching a bunch of Owen Pallett's videos on Youtube. I discover Owen Pallett a while back, and every time I listen to his studio music, I wonder how he could possibly perform it all on his own. And every time I wonder that, I look up a video, it completely blows me away. He's definitely on my Top 10 Shows I Need to See.
I'm always reluctant to say I have a favourite artist, because I constantly change my mind. But seriously, this guy pulls on my heart strings the moment he opens his mouth. He's the only artist that's ever made my fingers itch to pick up my violin again (okay, maybe not the only one. Andrew Bird has given me that feeling before too), and he's so unafraid to be creative.
Okay, and since I mentioned Andrew Bird... Now I'm starting to doubt my decision in dubbing Owen Pallett my favourite...
Sigh... This shouldn't even be an issue right now. My unread Econ textbook is the issue right now.
Okay bye.

*It's a free download so google it and listen away.

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