Tuesday, April 24, 2012


No matter what has happened, or how far away you feel, I will always thank you, because you taught me how to love.
You taught me how to love the flaws. As in, not to just tolerate and brush things aside, but to genuinely love every shard and broken piece, and every let-down, every moment that caused grawlixes*, and every bit that I couldn't understand. You taught me to hold those things as close to my heart as the things that make you shine.
You taught me that love changes.
Not just that, but that love needs to change. It needs to grow, expand, and become dynamic in order to thrive. It could drive me crazy at times and move me to tears, but if it stayed static, it would never be great.
You taught me that true love comes with true sacrifice - that I can't hold things against you, that I need to put heart into everything, and that putting heart into everything will not necessarily give me anything back.
You taught me that love could mean spreading my finger tips apart with palms wide open only to receive nothing but air. But even if it's just air, I still need it to breathe.
I have no regrets, except for this: Now that I know how to love, I will never be able to settle for less.

*the term for these: "%#@$!!" in comic books, ehehe..

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