Sunday, June 03, 2012


I'm always so impressed by people who do spoken word or story readings.
I guess it's because I'm so shy with what I write in terms of having them read aloud. I stammer and trip over my words when I read them, and cringe when others read them.
And that's why I see so much courage when people step up to the mic. They always know their words inside and out, and have truly made their pieces of writing their own. They trust that their writing will resonate with somebody else, and that's what gives words power.
I love how stories and poetry have the ability to make you burst into laughter (I got to hear "Who the Fuck is Federico?" again. Freaking. Genius.), and to move you to tears. I just love how something that is just an idea  or an emotion can get such a physical reaction out of someone.
I mean, words have the ability to not only tug at your heart strings, but tear them out completely.
But anyways, I can't believe I've never heard of In the House Festival before. It's an annual series of 20 shows over a weekend of dancing, music, poetry, theater, and even a circus, that all take place in people's houses. It's super intimate, amazing for displaying all the talent we have in Vancouver, and even though it's something I have to go to because of the paper, it's definitely an event that I'm going to next year. Seriously, it's so unique, and you have to go check it out one day.
Anyways, look out for not only one, but TWO articles coming out next week!

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