Friday, June 08, 2012


There is always something so irreplaceable about having friends who you can just kick back, drink tea, and talk with for hours.
Today we talked about how people change. And I used to think that you can always stay in touch with people and keep friendships as long as you both put the effort in. I mean, Amy and I have managed to stay close despite the distance (3 YEARS AND STILL GOING STRONG!).
But sometimes things get to a point where putting the effort tires you out, and you can no longer keep that friendship the same as it used to be. The best kinds of friendships are ones that you can be tired; the kind where you don't feel the need to entertain each other, and feel obligated to fill the spaces where there are no heart-to-hearts or fits of laughter. You can just be.
And strangely enough, when there is no room to be tired in a relationship, then that's when things get rough.
So I guess it's not about the effort. It's not about who's trying and who's not. It's about learning how to grow together through the changes. It's about making the friendship better instead of trying to keep it exactly the same as before. And unfortunately, sometimes friendships don't fit quite right anymore when we realize that we are at completely differently places in our lives. Relationships are volatile, and people drift, but that doesn't always mean someone doesn't care anymore. It just means that we have to treasure the past, but also focus more on our present and future.
And that's why I'm so glad to have friends who I can still kick back, drink tea, and talk with for hours. There is so much value in friendships that mold into who we are rather than trying to make ourselves fit into what we were before.
It's just better that way.

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