Wednesday, June 13, 2012


"We all have wounds that haunt our histories, and there are three ways we can respond to them. We can live in denial and superficially skirt around the edges, we can sink so completely in our grief that we get stuck, or we can commit to the good, hard work of walking through our pain. This last path takes the most courage, but it also leads the way into healing.
Author Ian Morgan Cron describes this process in terms of a plane crash. There are experts, he explains, who can walk through the debris field where a plane has gone down and, by analyzing all the broken pieces and where they’ve landed, they can figure out exactly what happened to cause the crash. This is the task of anyone who ever experienced brokenness—to walk through the wreckage of our own lives, to identify the pieces, to investigate what really happened—and in doing so, we will bring ourselves to a place of honest, hard-won healing. Because the purpose of walking through our pain is never to stay and wallow there, but to walk out of it." - Stephanie S. Smith

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