Saturday, June 23, 2012


Recent conversation excerpts:

"I'm going to work out."
"At church." - Things I thought I would never say

"Yo. Wassup my brother?" - My dad trying to be black (complete with hand motions)

"How do you feel like spending your summer in Vancouver?"
"Like I'm trapped in a cage." - How I feel sometimes

"Pish posh apple sauce." - Realizations that VanDop talks like a granny

"I think you should watch an inspirational documentary." - What was said after I talked about the things that were heavy on my heart (AHAHA)

"Rebekah, you're strange."
"Because you're kind." - Things that make me think

"Truth is not right or wrong. It's not subjective. It's not fact. It's its own category. Truth is absolute, and it moves you. And you can't pick out which truths fit into your life. You have to accept all of it, or nothing." - Things that make me think even more

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