Tuesday, July 03, 2012


After this weekend, I really appreciate people who run camps and work with children SO much more.
I have nothing but good memories about Cedar Springs from when I was a kid, and I really hoped for these kids to have the same experience too.
Being someone who ran the programs instead of a camper this time was so different. I really wanted to walk around the gorgeous retreat center, but all our free time was spent either prepping, or catching up on sleep. Or just sitting. Because chasing after 20 kids all day is ridiculously tiring. I don't even know if it's because I'm getting old, or if it's because I was actually working really hard.
It was challenging, especially for me since I'm pretty awkward with children. But I couldn't help but snap a million pictures of these kids, because they're just so beautiful (yeah, even the bratty ones).
I'll leave you with a few of my favourite shots, because I'm way too tired to come up with anything proper. But seriously, look at them. How can they not warm your heart?

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