Wednesday, July 18, 2012


"Rebekah, you live at the beach."
I really wish I could spend everyday with my toes in the sand, and pretend to be completely satisfied with where I am at.
But unfortunately I have people in my life who tell me that I am so much better than what I let myself be. Who don't let me have pity parties that have been going on for too long. And who remind me that I need a shift in focus. There are so many other things that I not only should be giving attention to, but I need to be giving attention to.
And frick, these conversations are so difficult to have. And it's embarrassing to show your cards and stop putting up a front. And it's always the words that you wish you could un-hear that speak to your heart the most.
But I guess it's about time to turn off the waterworks and move on to better things. Not because the past wasn't good or because the future is guaranteed to be picture perfect.
But because this thing that I'm doing right now...
I. Am. Better. Than. This.

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