Thursday, July 26, 2012


I love girl dates. I love walking by water with the sun in our faces and taking a million pictures. I love grocery shopping together and cooking together for my family. I love kicking back with a drink in hand and watching movies like The Vow (seriously.. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS FREAKING MOVIE? OH. MY. GOSH. MY HEART COULDN'T TAKE IT.). I love painting nails and cutting up old t-shirts. I love listening to bands like Alexisonfire and Fall Out Boy and singing along to them like I'm in Gr. 9 all over again. I love the girl talk. And yes, I mean the stuff like boys we think are cute and who we think is marriage status. But also really getting down to the heart of things.
There's just a completely different kind of connection when it comes to hanging out with girls. And even though I love hanging out with my boys, it's just a whole other level of carefree.
And I wish I could have a day like this everyday.

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