Monday, September 24, 2012


Things I am excited for:

- I'm currently working on three articles for the paper! It's pretty overwhelming to be doing this on top of school, but I love it. I'm so happy for a chance to actually be more involved in The Ubyssey, and I'm starting to pitch my own stuff rather than taking whatever's given to me. Not to mention, VIFF is starting so that means I get to check out some sick films for free.

- Small groups for IVCF! I guess it was probably about time that I became an official member of Inter Varsity instead of just attending random events. AND my two good friends are running the Bible study I signed up for, which should be pretty sweet.

- A new year at 3D! I'm trying to stop thinking of college group as an option or just another obligation. I've realized that I don't put much effort into creating new relationships at church, and this year, I hope to change that.

- I finally got Photoshop on my computer! I can't wait to start playing around with it and actually edit my pictures.

- It's Autumn at TH! Which means cozy sweaters, thick scarves and warm colours. It's always my favourite season.


Okay, now it's back to work.

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