Saturday, December 01, 2012


It's really strange to think that I went to school with these guys all through first year, and we didn't even know of each other's existance until a few months ago. It's really strange to think that I've probably walked past them a million times without knowing their names, and now I spend every single day with them. We eat, study, sleep, chill, laugh, and real talk it out together. Sometimes I feel like I live with them, but I don't.
I don't know why I thought that I could get away with going to UBC and not opening up to people in Sauder. 'Cause honestly, I don't think that I could have survived this past semester without knowing that these people have my back, and that the time I've spent getting to REALLY know them has been 100% worth it. They are my Sauder family, and considering that I could count the number of friends I made in first year on one hand, I never thought I would see the day that I could say that.
Last year, being in Sauder really sucked for me. I know it was a lot of me being bitter and resenting that fact that I was somewhere that I didn't feel like I belonged. But these past few months have made up for all of that. I don't mean that I completely love being here. There's always going to be that part of me that would rather be studying journalism, but yenno... Sometimes I can't be so selfish. I see people who are thankful everyday to be able to get the opportunity to be in Sauder. And just because it's not ideal, it doesn't mean that I can't make the best of it. I mean, I'm here, and I've come to terms with that. I'm stuck here, and I guess it's not too bad that I get to be stuck here with some really great people.
So here's to making the best of the second half of second year!
... Assuming that I make it to the second half of second year after I get owned by these finals.

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Paula MG said...

it's great to have people like that around you. People without which you can not imagine life and who are family but it is not.

I followed u and I`ll be happy if u followed me back :) thanks :)