Saturday, February 02, 2013


Things learned today:

- My work ethic needs some serious attention. I can usually look back on things and be proud that I have put in my best, but lately, I have been so lazy and so apathetic, especially when it comes to school. I mean, I work for God, and not for man, and that means that I should be putting in 10x the effort. It doesn't matter what I'm doing. It doesn't matter who's watching. It doesn't matter what I get in return. He deserves 10x the effort and more. He's given me all these opportunities, and I need to get over my bitterness and sour attitude, and actually give a crap about the things that I'm supposed to be doing right now. I need a shift in focus. I need to pay attention. I need to care. Not for me. Not for my parents. Not for my friends. But for Him.

- Although a huge part of being a daughter of God is to be filled with His joy, it doesn't mean that I have to be happy and positive all the time. As much as it's a bad habit to complain, it's also wrong to be dishonest about what is going on in my heart. I'm allowed to lament, and I'm allowed to get upset at God. An honest relationship is one filled all emotions - with joy, happiness, sadness, and anger. And it's okay to be real with Him.

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