Tuesday, February 26, 2013


3 reasons why I like Sarah Suk:
1. She has a funny laugh. I once told her that I didn't laugh at her because her jokes were funny, but because the way she laughs was funny. (I didn't mean it though. She's pretty funny.)
2. She is exciting, and therefore, I am always excited when I am with her. If you read my texts to her, most of them are in capital letters.
3. She likes to dream. She isn't afriad to have hope and dream over the people around her, herself, and the world that she lives in. She envisions potential and speaks the truth in these visions.

3 reasons why I like Daniel Robertson:
1. He is very awkward, and I delight in making him uncomfortable.
2. He is adventerous and thrives on exploring the world. Sometimes I can't keep up with him, but he always waits for me.
3. He keeps my feet on the ground. He is my definition of how home feels like, and no matter how far I go, I will always come back to him.

PS: Isn't this the best photo ever?
PPS: This post was written entirely by choice and Sarah Suk did not force me to write it.

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farisia said...

this is my favourite post/photo ever