Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Life lately has filled with unreached finish lines, oceans of worries topped with sea foam anxieties, bad news at every doorway, far away loved ones, and stressful, last-minute bail-outs. But even when I am given fistfuls of disappointment, in my other hand, I am given a joy that it spills and overflows beyond my fingers' reach. I am given a passionate community, grace at every corner, encouragements to dream, and ride-or-die friends; the kind of friends who don't even realize that you're stranded and hungry, but call you up to drive you to dinner anyway. Every dismal morning is always outdone by lights brighter than the sun. Every rip at the seams can be patched up or torn apart to make something new. Every dry spell I stumble upon, my feet will eventually be met with wet, earthy soil. These are the things I am promised. These are the things that I see being fulfilled.

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