Sunday, March 31, 2013


When I was a kid, I wanted to be exactly like my dad. If he wore shorts, I would wear shorts. If his favourite chocolate was Maltesers, they were mine too. I played the violin, took swimming lessons, and joined the badminton team, all because my dad enjoyed doing those things. But as I got older, I wanted to be like my mom. I told everyone, "I look exactly like my dad, but my personality is the same as my mom's," because I wanted to be like her. I wanted to be strong like her. I wanted to be beautiful like her. I wanted to be wise like her. And I would act like my mom handed me the entire universe, but my dad would get no more credit than giving me DNA. But I hope I never forget to be the 7-year old me who looked up to her daddy, not only because he is taller than a mountain, but because he bought her ice cream. And it wasn't just because of the ice cream. It was because I have never met a man who embodied the word "generosity" more; a man who gives time, money, and effort more freely and silently than he does... A man who loves without grumbling, even when 15-year old me tells him she hates him. I hope I never forget that even though my mom is the sun that my world revolves around, that my dad is the moon, always watching over me. And I know that if he could, he would hang every star in its place for me.

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