Tuesday, April 09, 2013


I hope one day I'll be able to stop using words like "cute" or "amazing" to describe you, because words like that take only one second to come up with. Anyone can come up with the word "perfect." Anybody can call you "attractive." But when my mind has spent an immeasurable of time meandering around the thought of you, I would hope that my one-second words would turn into words that demonstrate an investment of more than just one second; perhaps "breathtaking" or "alluring" or "ineffable." I hope that when it comes to you, I will start using words like "captivating" instead of "awesome." I hope that I can write an entire Thesaurus for you. And I hope when all the synonyms of "beautiful" and "wonderful" have run dry, that I will fill the pages with metaphors and poetry so you would know that if I was ever tempted to call you "good" or "nice," I definitely spent more than one second thinking about it.

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