Monday, May 06, 2013


Love crept under my covers last night, and I asked Love, "Why do You hurt so much?" Love waited a while to speak, but finally answered, "Because I am what I am, but I'm not always what you want me to be." Then I asked, "Love, why do You give so much?" To which Love replied, "What you consider to be 'so much' is only a grain of what I have to offer." And then I asked Love, "Will you stay up with me all night?" And Love said, "I will meet you wherever you are." As hours passed, I drifted into dreams and forgot that I had asked Love to stay with me, but when I awoke, Love was still there. When I looked at Love carefully, I realized that Love had matching tear stains and the same bruised knees, and I knew that I didn't ever have to ask Love to stay, because Love would never leave me.

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