Wednesday, February 19, 2014


1. The last few times I told you that I loved you, they sounded like apologies. It frustrates me that sometimes I still believe in a lie that tells me love is something to apologize for.

2. Sometimes I intentionally choose not to tell stories about my mom, because I am a writer and writers are told to be careful about the tenses in our stories. I can never decide whether to say "she was" or "she is" or "she would" or "she used to." But even I know that writers are allowed to bend the rules once we have learned them. Nobody really cares about consistent grammar when there is a story worth telling.

3. It makes me angry that somebody thinks they can tell you that the way you feel is not important. It makes me proud that you do not need their validation to choose to live a better life.

4. If I were a plant, I would thrive the best in hot and humid conditions.

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