Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm surprised I haven't vented yet about the one thing that's been dominating my summer: Summer school. I only stayed here this summer 'cause I felt like I missed out on things back on home so maybe I shouldn't have set myself up for something so... bleck. I could be having a mang guo bing sa right now but no, I'm sitting in my stuffy room drawing angles with my half-assed geometry set. Seriously, taking two courses is draining. If you ever start thinking to yourself, "I don't wanna be sitting around all summer," don't. Take that boredom, embrace it, cherish it, and treasure it in your heart. My greatest regret is probably taking Math. I really like my teacher as a person, but the moment he starts talking, it makes me give up all hope in learning whatever he's trying to teach me. How could you not when he always says things like, "If you don't understand this, you should go back to Gr. 8." My bad habits from last summer are starting to catch up to me too, just like they did during the school year. (Hence, the picture above.) I'm actually thinking about retaking it because I'm getting such a horrible mark. Waste of a summer. That's what I get for my "I can handle it" attitude. Social Studies, on the other hand, is something I honestly look forward to everyday. My class is tiny and so full of... characters. I've made friends with people who I never thought I would ever be friends with. And my teacher is one of those people who you have to ask, "What on earth are you doing here teaching a class of unwilling highschool students? You should be out there doing something bigger and better." You see, she's one of those girls who was supposed to save the world but ended up getting held back by a boy. Selfishly enough, I'm glad she's my teacher. I love when someone's able to show me history's not dead. But even that can't make up for sitting through classes in non-air conditioned rooms where they basically pound textbooks into your brain. On bad days, the only thing that makes my day is making a fool of myself infront of this certain cute boy. Wait, it doesn't make my day. It makes Tiff's and Genie's though. FML.

Anyways. I finally found a way to keep myself from falling asleep in class. I know to you, it may be a hecka waste of time but hey, it's better alternative to Josh's Nos and gummy worms. Way better.

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