Saturday, August 01, 2009


We all know there's strings attatched to everything. Sometimes we don't realize we're going through the motions, but I'm pretty sure most of the time we do. It's our responsibility to put some heart into things. You see, we're all so tied to the norm. We go through the motions in fear that if we don't, it wouldn't be the norm anymore. Without the norm, everything would just fall apart. That's all we know of right? The norm would not be the norm if it wasn't something we're all supposed to follow in order for us to function properly. That's my biggest string. We're all supposed to do what we are taught to do, and what everyone expects us to do. We let the world define who we are. Or even worse, we let the world define who God tells us we are. We get too scared to disect our own lives and observe every aspect of it, especially the heart aspect. It's possible that if we take everything on the inside out, we may forget where some of the pieces go and not be able to put it all back together again. It's our responsibility to put some heart into things. And it's also our responsibility to let someone else bigger than ourselves put the pieces back together. It just so happens that the responsible thing is also always the hardest thing to do.
"Sometimes being broken is the best place to start. That very point that you are humble
beyond anything else is the point where you start building from the ground up."
Let's hope this isn't one of those things you write late at night and when you read it over in the morning, it makes absolutely no sense at all.
On another note, Kat Badar is my favourite Youtube female star, next to Esna that is:


Christopher. said...

"It's our responsibility to put some heart into things."

Mmm, yes. Well said, friend.

Glad to see you got something out of yesterday (other than wet.)

HO said...

And I'm glad you guys gave us something to get out of. (Other than laughing at Jeff getting owned.) :]
It's been a while since something at youth got me thinking.