Thursday, July 30, 2009


An Ode To Esther
Esther Park, I love you so
Just like an asian loves her pho
Your serenading is like heaven to my ears
It's so darn beautiful, it moves me to tears
You're into geeky things, just like me
You spurred great passion with a Digimon movie
You've been with me through every bump and curve
Carried me through the tears and that friggin' pinched nerve
I don't know who else would've dragged me up those hills
All I know is that it took some serious skills
Even through bad weather, we see each other through
Thunder days, snow days and some rainy days too
How you're so understanding, I'll never know
You get me when it comes to things that just blow
Like guys that are dumb
And girls that are bums
If it weren't for you, I'd probably have to go to my mum
You deserve better than jerks like ____
Despite your large head, boney butt and all
It doesn't even matter how much you make fun
With your all your "HO DOWNS" and lamesauce puns
You really think you're funny Esther Park?
Well one day I'll get back at you for all your remarks >:)
Oh and if you lose our bet, you'll owe me ten
Just watch, you'll be wrong once again
All this aside, I just gotta say
Without you, my skies would be gray.

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