Friday, August 21, 2009


I really like that feeling of finally crawling into bed after not being home for a really long time. It makes me appreciate it a whole lot more, stuffiness and all.
But it still doesn't cancel out the fact that I miss Karebear and Felili already.
Life is a bummer sometimes, especially when you can only stay one night. It's not near as much time as I would've liked. Actually, it doesn't even come close.
This trip has just got me making a list of things to do once I move out of the house. Spending a week in Portland is top priority. Getting an industrial is next.
Although, I DON'T miss the nostalgia that comes with these two girls and all our video-making. Too much talk of last summer could possible trigger a reenactment of waterfalls. And I think enough tears have been shed during Felicia's eating of emotions. Poor girl. Sometimes I think life is more unfair to her than me. NOT.
I do sorta miss Karen's lack of pants though.
And Kevin's face. Definately. Who else is green and black and CUTE ALL OVER?
I look forward to the day we all get married to him and live on a farm.
Home is where the heart is. <3

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zebro said...

stay a week in portland ~ ! please do!