Friday, August 21, 2009


Dear Friend,
I would write you a letter or email or facebook message or whatever... But you're kinda the reason why I started up this blog so I thought it would be appropriate. It's one of those things I was thinking about doing for a really long time but never got around to, and when I see people who are brave enough to put their writing out there, it makes me brave too.
First off, I'm quite disappointed to see that you still haven't taken my advice in transferring. And I still pretty much hate you for making me look like a fool... >:( But all that aside, honestly, you have no idea how happy I was when you and Petey came as our summer interns. You weren't really around this past year after Ed left. Our youth group basically fell apart. It was so, "Nobody goes anymore... I'll go if you go." It broke my heart 'cause I'm such a youth group junkie, and it was hard for me to see that all we would do was Small Group Nights and Gym Nights. People who were supposed to be leaders starting bailing, and it was nonetheless, hopeless. It's cliche to say, but I think things worked out the way they did for a reason. God put you in our lives for a reason.
One thing that impressed me a lot about you is how you set such an example for the guys. I always worry that they won't have someone to look up to that they're super tight with. In case you haven't noticed, they actually love you so much. They don't take to everyone like that. You're like their hero or something. You older folks actually have no idea how much us youngin's look up to you. No idea. We watch your every move (in the most non-creepy way possible, if you get what I mean) but sometimes, we worry 'cause we never actually get to you know you guys. A lot of the people we look up to put up a front, and we get scared that if we actually get to know them, it'd ruin the great example image they set for us yenno? But you're real. And I'm glad for that. Us teenagers, we know. And I've always felt as if your heart was in the right place.
I know I'm not exactly the most tight person with you, but you have made an impact my spiritual life. You got me seriously rethinking things, and that hasn't happened for a while. You've challenged us, triggered (Haha get it? TRIGGER) us to question the way we live our lives and done so much for us. I've been talking to a friend about this and like in all honesty... We just can't think of a way to let you know how much you've impacted us. You actually have no idea. It moves me to tears sometimes.
I know some people think that once you and Petey leave, things are just gonna go back to the way things were before. But I think this is God's way of taking the training wheels off for us. He knows best, and he wouldn't be doing this unless He knew we were strong enough to take it. You were right when you said we have so much potential. We gotta have each others backs. And yenno, we'll always have your back too. :)
Thank you for everything. Seriously. I want to do something HUGE to thank you, but nothing can do it justice.
Thank you for all the on-the-floor-gasping-for-air laughs. Thank you for bringing us together. Thank you for words of wisdom. Thank you for caring. Thank you for wedging into that place in my heart that makes me care enough to tear up during some ridiculous rapping/song-writing. Thank you for being inspiring. Thank you for being simply, you.
Come visit please! Or at least text, since apparently, it doesn't cost long-distance money. You will harshcore be missed.
Much love,


Tiffany Ho said...

*thumbs up*

Christopher. said...

Love. Like seriously, so SO much.

Thank you.

HO said...

Any day. :]

peteyko said...

*sighh thank you so much bekah =)

jsizzle said...

HAHAH aww petey

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