Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Even though today wasn't exhausting, I was exhausted. I didn't have a bad day though. I just couldn't keep my head up.
It's either my body telling me I'm fighting something off (which wouldn't be surprising at all) or my heart insisting there's something wrong.
I'm feeling a little bit regretful and a little bit wistful. And like I'm shutting down for no good reason.
Whatever it is, I hope I can just sleep it off (like I've been doing all day in class) and be rejuvenated enough to spread the holiday spirit around school tomorrow.


Allison said...

oh, my dear. I'm sorry that's happening =( You only have a couple more days though. But sometimes you just wanna hide for awhile, eh. And this kind of dragging down tends to be the worst.
To quote Snow Patrol, have heart, my dear.

ThatsCaleb said...

I think I get you when I read your entries. Maybe I dont at all but I thought I'd let you know I care.