Saturday, December 25, 2010


It's only an hour into Christmas Day, and as usual, it brings strange happenings. My family isn't big on Christmas*, so we never actually have anything planned. I never know whether I should stay in my pajamas all day or tidy up the house just in case someone comes knocking at the door.
There's already been some unexpected (and slightly unwelcomed) guests, some obnoxious singing and some flake-outs, but the people who mattered showed up when it mattered.
People are always going to disappoint you. It's the truth, but that's not the main point at all. It's not even close. What matters is that even if they leave piles of garbage on your living room floor, you still miss them when they're gone. They send you texts that make you smile**, make you comfortable in your own skin and come back in the morning.

Anyways, a few of my bros are flying away from VanCity today (or right now as I type this), and I wish them safe travels. I wish they could stay home for just a little longer, but after all, home is called home because it's something to come back to.
Merry Christmas and much love.

*Our Christmas tree comes up to my knee, we have one tradition (opening our presents at midnight, which totally defeats the purpose of Santa Claus), and I didn't even realize people had turkey dinners on Christmas Day until like 3 years ago.
**NOT those mass Merry Christmas texts. I fist-pump every time I get a personalized one because of their rarity.

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Christopher. said...

a) merry christmas to you too.
b) don't fist-pump again. EVER.