Thursday, December 01, 2011


Hello December.
You're finally here, and you bring so many things that I both hate and love.
With your arrival, you bring final exams and winter break.
You bring the dreaded cold and loved ones home.
You bring snowboarding and frostbite.
You bring Christmas cheer, and bad remixed versions of Jingle Bell Rock.
You bring family vacations and reminders of loneliness.
You bring warm bundled up scarves and the common cold.
You bring nights by the fireplace and black ice on the roads.
You bring celebration, a Facebook page full of events and obligations.
You bring gingerbread houses and +50 pounds.
You come bearing presents, but not really, because we're the ones who have to stress out over buying the perfect gift.
Oh December...

PS: iwastesomuchtime and 9gag will be the reasons why I'm going to flunk out of Sauder. Maybe it's for the best.

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