Thursday, December 08, 2011


Continuing on tonight's theme, these are a few of my favourite things (lately):

1. My white wool cardigan

I picked up this cardigan up from Value Village a few weeks ago (in the men's section, because as usual, the girl's section was lacking). It's perfect for the winter because it's thick and toasty. AND unlike most wool cardigans that I've found, it's comfy and not scratchy at all. It is also classy enough that I can throw it on when I'm feeling lazy and not look like a total slob. This will be one of those things that I still keep in my closet even when I'm 50.

2. Instapaper

There are always a few things you always check on the internet right when you get home: Facebook, Twitter, and for me especially, blog posts and articles from the Huffington Post and Bigthink. And if you're anything like me, you're not always in the mood to read huge long pieces of writing, even if they do sound SUPER interesting. This is where Instapaper comes in handy! It has the same idea as Youtube's Watch Later playlist. You get an account and then get a "Read Later" button on your bookmark bar. Then whenever you want to bookmark something to read later (get it? Bookmark? Read later? Ha..Ha..), it's conveniently right there!

3. Cat eyes

I used to be appalled at the thought of ever trying to wear cat eyeliner, because I've seen it done terribly on too many people, and I've always thought that it would look too unnatural on my Asian eyes. But lately, I've realize that it can be done tastefully and subtly. And why yes, I did just manage to slip a picture of Hayley Williams in this blog post. I'm really tempted to ramble on about how bad ass she is and how much I wish I could be a rocker chick like her, but I'll save that for another day. Even if you don't appreciate it, I know Esther will.

4. Concerts

Today I went back to my high school (I know, no surprise. I'm there pretty much every week or so) for a music concert. It's always strange to come back as alumni. There's always familiar faces, people who have impacted you so greatly and strange nostalgia. The music program always reuses pieces so I found myself singing along to the songs and feeling the urge to bust out my saxophone again. That also means, my little band geeks, that since I knew everything by heart, I could tell where every mistake was, even if the rest of the audience couldn't.

5. Community

Newman recently got me hooked onto this show called Community. It's incredibly hilarious, and every character has his or her own little quirks. I usually don't like it when the main character's a douchebag (I just always want them to win!) but I actually don't mind it for this show, as evidently shown by the rapid speed at which I'm whipping through episodes. Finals period is probably a really bad time for me to get addicted to TV, but I guess it's also a good way to kick back and try not to be stressed out for a little while.

6. Waves Coffee

A new library opened up by my house last year, and I was super stoked to not have to go to the dinky old library by the Royal City Mall anymore. The new library has a modern design, with windows all around it so it's very bright and well-lit. The only problem is that there are NEVER any seats there. I actually don't think there's even any study spaces. I would always walk in, walk out and then head down the street to Waves where there's wi-fi and a semi-quiet place to study, and it's opened later than the library too. Now, I just skip the library and go straight to Waves. I wonder if they get annoyed at all, because I always  sit there for 6 hours with my nose in a textbook and only ever buy one drink...

7. Chocolate-Covered Coconut Macaroons

No blog post like this would ever be complete without something about food! Honestly, I haven't been going out to eat as much lately because of finals. I tend to study so hard that I forget to eat... It's really bad. I know. My body will hate me for this. However, this does not seem to be a problem when I go study with Jancy. We hit up the new Super Walmart at Guildford (OMIGAH, IT'S HUGE!) to pick up some snacks before a study session, and I bought a box of chocolate-covered coconut macaroons, which is underneath the Ferrero Rochers and beside the Smart Popcorn in the picture... Holy crap, I could not stop eating them. I mean, I'm not really much of a junk-food binger, but I consider dessert as my favourite food and my sweet tooth tends to get the best of me. Good thing I'm dating a Dutch boy because I heard that they eat dessert before dinner.
PS: I promise you that we did not eat all the food in the picture above.

Anyways, that is all for tonight. A long day of studying lies ahead for me tomorrow (after a few episodes of Community................).

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