Thursday, December 15, 2011


Things I Like

My mom recently gave me this tea set by Tea Forte, and I fell in love with it immediately. First of all, their triangle-shaped tea bags are absolutely adorable, and my favourite colour so happens to be green. I've never really had a need for tea trays before since I usually just throw leaves into a pot to brew tea*, but this one actually serves its purpose, because you're definitely going to get more than one cup of tea out of each bag. And doesn't it just look so nice all together? This set only comes with standard teas like Earl Grey and Chamomile, and as much as I love trying new flavours (like David Tea's Chocolate Chili Chai??? I haven't tried it but let me know how it is if you do), the basics are always good to have. I've been browsing their site fighting the temptation to fill our tea cupboard with more boxes of exotic teas with fancy names that my parents keep telling me to stop buying and tea accessories that we really don't need. All in all, this is the perfect companion for all the books in my shelf that are half-finished that I am DEFINITELY going to finish this break.

*this is mostly because I'm lazy and don't like walking up and down the stairs for refills... and if I spill anymore liquids on our carpet, my parents are going to slaughter me

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