Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Hello first post of the new year!
I haven't been blogging much lately, but here are some pictures and words to wrap up my Christmas break.

I spent my Christmas in Vegas. Las Vegas is honestly one of the last places that comes to mind when I think about the birth of Jesus, but I somehow found myself wandering the The Strip on Christmas Day with my cousins. Vegas is everything it's built up to be. The streets are filled with bright lights, copies of world monuments, casinos, clubs, palm trees, peep shows, other more family-friendly shows, and tackiness galore. While I was there I...

Had some good quality time with family.

Saw some beautiful things and took pictures of them.

Explored, tourist-style.

And had some of the best crepes of my life in Paris (the hotel).

When I came home, I spent some time with friends...

Danced my way into the New Year...

(Arthur and I don't stick out at all)

And listened to my best and my boy make music.

But school starts again tomorrow, and I've got a new schedule to memorize, textbooks to sort out and 6 am wake-ups to get used to. I've got my backpack packed (with no pencils, since I somehow lost them all over the break), my routes to classes planned out (I have to be efficient since my bad course planning resulted in multiple back-to-back classes) and a bowl of sai mai lo and a book on my bedside waiting for me before I sleep away the last of my break.
Goodnight world. Hopefully this next semester will be a good one.

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