Friday, February 24, 2012


Things I Like:

My mom just gave me this True Color Mocha Latte Eyeshadow Quad by Avon in Latte, Beige, Iced Coffee and Espresso. I like it mostly because of the coffee-themed color names and partly because they're colors anybody could pull off.

I finally got around to painting the cup that Lem got me 2 Christmases ago. It's not even close to perfect, but I think that gives it character.... Right? Anyways, it probably holds the amount of liquid equivalent to two mugs, so I can drink tea until I pee my pants without having to go down to the kitchen for a refill.

I've been to Cafe Deux Soleil a few times before, but I've only ever gotten drinks there. My girls and I decided to have lunch there. All their food is vegetarian, and some of it is only mediocre... But the wrap I got was AMAZING. It's just vegetables and rice... But it's not JUST vegetables and rice. There was so much flavor and the bean sprouts were wonderful. I was full, but I kept eating because it was just that good. I would definitely go back again just for that wrap.

I love hitting up hipster vintage places. There's a certain smell to shops like that, and it always feel welcoming. I'm pretty cautious when it comes to buying used clothes, and vintage shops tend to jack up the prices a little bit, but I still love the process of looking through everything. And occasionally, I'll find something good!

This is what my friend Abby has hanging over her bed. She always decorates her room really nice, and it never fails to look really homey. I wish my room was neat enough to make it worth decorating like this.

Home-made cookies. There's not much more to say.

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