Saturday, May 26, 2012


Holy 1000!
I honestly have no idea what the heck I've been writing for the past 999 posts (honestly, I never feel like I have any particularly good insight; it's all just word barf). Nor do I know how to make this milestone post a worthwhile one. But I guess something that's been stuck to me from a conversation a few weeks ago is this:

"Everybody has their seasons. We always have times in our life when we think God is close or far, but eventually, we come to realize that we're the ones that are constantly changing. He's the one that's always there."

Everybody has their seasons, and that's something that's pretty much applicable to every aspect of my life. This blog is a living, breathing anthem of that. It tracks all the things I learn and all the ways I grow. And not just that, but even the moments where I know I'm destroying all the progress I've made, and all the struggles I experience.
I look back on my posts from even just a year ago, and I know that I'm different. I used to think that the only things that changed about me were physical and behavioural, but now that I've had so much time for self-reflection (seriously, I gotta find more things to keep myself busy, because even though self-reflective moments are never wasteful, they are also driving me crazy), I know that the core of who I am and the state of my heart has definitely shifted.
I've had my seasons, and I know there's more to come.
Yet again, I have no idea what I'm getting at, 'cause I like to keep it vague these days.
But what I really want to get to is SEEING BON IVER LIVE TODAY.

It was my first time going to an outdoor concert, and I'm so incredibly glad that the weather was gorgeous today! It was so great chilling on the grass with my friends and a bunch of hipsters. Seriously, I wanted to put all those girls on my Pinterest board, and there was no shortage of good-looking guys.
The female trio, The Staves, opened up, and they were absolutely adorable. Think Fleet Foxes, but girls with British accents.
And Bon Iver... Ahh! The minute Justin Vernon's falsetto rang through park, it was pretty much over for me. And having a full band behind that voice was just ridiculous. I didn't think it was possible for my heart to feel so many emotions at the same time.
Seriously. Worth. Every. Penny.

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