Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Recently, Esther passed on this Canon FTB film camera to me. I looked it up (and luckily enough, found the manual online), and it's from the 70's or something like that. Crazy right?

I think it's pretty safe to say that I've fallen in love with it. It's been so long since I've gotten pictures developed, and I'm so excited to the point that I've decided that I need to go and buy a ton of photo albums just to fill them up. 
I feel like it suits me, because film photography really isn't useful for anything these days apart from giving joy to hipsters, artsy folk, and sentimental people (I fall into the 'sentimental' category, by the way), because it's not as reliable as digital photography. I love that you don't know how the pictures are going to turn out, but I hate it at the same time, because I miss out on getting that "perfect" shot down pat. With this, you can't just take a picture, look to see if it turned out okay, and then adjust accordingly. Instead, you have to trust in your own skills, take an extra shot just in case, and then hope for the best.
And I'm still fairly noob with this whole photography business, so it's been a challenge. Half of the photos in my first roll turned out too dark, and I would say that none of them were phenomenal. My second roll was even worse, because I accidentally ripped it as I was taking the film out, so most of those pictures didn't end up turning out at all. I did get this vintage-y-looking effect on 4 of the pictures, which is kinda cool.. But I was still pretty choked that the rest of the 20 pictures were damaged beyond the point of even getting developed, and I knew that there were some good ones in there for sure.
And then there's the third roll, which is what made me feel like all my effort was actually going to towards something! Obviously, not all of the pictures turned out amazing, but I did get some that I'm pretty proud of. 
It does suck when you're really hoping for a shot to turn out nicely and it doesn't. But there's also something unexplainable about getting attached to a picture before you even see it, waiting for it, and then having the results be better than you expected. I'm weirdly excited about it.
I can't wait until my scanner gets fixed, and I actually show people what the pictures look like!

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