Friday, August 10, 2012


Here is a glimpse of what my past week has been like via montages. The video was shot and edited by yours truly!
It's weird because I took a break from TH to do this, but even though I say it's a break from work, it's not really a break. It's just a different kind of work with a different kind of pressure, a different kind of motivation, and different rewards. It's a different kind of tired. But the thing about being tired is that no matter what kind of tired you are, strength will come from the same place.
Anyways, look how happy these children are and let your heart be warmed!
Tomorrow, I'm finally going to get a REAL break after our last day with camp. I'm going down to Seattle with Lee-Ann to stay with our long-time friend for a few days. Shopping, food, and good times await me this weekend and then it's back to the regular grind until another adventure next weekend!
There are so many things to set my sights on these days.

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