Monday, June 10, 2013


Do you remember when you were just old enough to walk, but your feet were still unsteady? And with one hand, you would hold your father's hand and with the other, you would hold your mother's? They would swing you so high up you would touch the clouds and no matter how many times you stumbled, your feet would miraculously meet the ground. You were an astronaut, or you had wings or you were Superman. Whatever it was, gravity had no power over you.
This is how my mother struggles. Her feet are unsure, her knees wobble, and her legs give in every time the ground is uneven. But never for a second does she believe that she will fall, because on one side, her Best Friend steadies her steps and on the other, her Father keeps her balanced. She trips over rocks, plunges into potholes, and stands at the edge of cliffs, and when her heart stops and fear grips her, she only holds on tighter and says, "I will jump as long as You are with me." Because she knows He will not stop holding her heart, and there is no grip tighter than His. 
This is how my mother struggles: like a child with a Best Friend who gives her rocket ship legs and a Father who holds the world in His hands but still has the time to count to 3 before swinging his daughter into the stars. 

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