Thursday, January 09, 2014


To the boy with fear in his heart -

I am sorry if you ever feel like your fear runs like a coal engine in the centre of your heart and drives things that you don't mean. I am sorry if you ever look at disappointment and feel as though you have swallowed a stone that presses against the walls of your stomach. I'm sorry if you ever see expectations, and you think of dust bunnies that turn into storm clouds. But I want you to know that another word for expectations is "hope," and where hope blooms and grows, fear will never be able to take full form. I promise you that hope is a seed that can grow into the ocean.

If you were a punctation mark, you would be a question mark, because you are unafraid to get your fingernails dirty when you are digging for more. And sometimes I like to act like a colon, because colons have important things to say and always know the reasons why, but I think I'm actually a set of parenthesis. I wish I could be a colon for the boy with the question mark lips, but I'm a set of parenthesis, because I know how to hold things. Sometimes, I have all the reasons why, but most of the time, all I have are bracket arms and the only thing I can do is hold you well.

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