Sunday, March 25, 2012


Things I Like:

I spent a sunny Saturday afternoon at Granville Island today. We did a photo scavenger with Food Society, so we had a good time taking awkward pictures and running around the market doing challenges. I've only been there twice, and both times were at night, so it was a lot of fun exploring the area with all its quaint shops, gorgeous waterfront view, and endless amount of buskers. I bet Emily Carr students get inspired just by being there alone. It's probably even more lovely in the summer, so I hope I'll go there with some of my girls when the weather gets warm!

I've heard a lot about the Granville Island Tea Company, so I was excited to finally be able to buy some tea from the shop! A friend recommended Brandied Apple, and the woman at the counter recommended us Lady Londonderry (which is strawberry and papaya flavored), and I love fruity teas so I'm stoked to try them! We also bought some candied and flavored smoked salmon, which is always a treat, so life is good right now.

Today, I also watched Hugo, which is such a beautiful film. It's set in old Paris (which I absolutely adore because everyone looks so classy!) and is about a boy who lives in a train station. The movie was extremely well-done and you won't be able to help falling in love with the characters. I highly recommend to anyone who reads this to see it!

Also, I would like to live in a floating house. Maybe not a pink one, but I can't imagine living anywhere that isn't close to water... And I guess this is literally the closest you can get!
That is all. Goodnight!

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