Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I had coffee with my ICON counselor today*, and she gave me some good advice about drawing on what God's already done for me while I'm going through hard times.
And obviously, it's really difficult to do that. I can't help but complain and ask why He's putting me through all these trials. I can't help but think that it's unfair. I get frustrated and impatient, and I question whether anything good can actually come out of this.
I may not understand it now, but looking back, there hasn't been a single moment in my life that He hasn't been faithful and kept His promises to me. There has never been a time when He hasn't revealed to me that His intentions are good and true.
And if even my mom can say, "Why not me?", who am I to say, "Why me?"

*Sidenote: We went to this super hipster place called Nelson the Seagull in Gastown. Seriously, SO hipster. And I loved it there.

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